Sunday, December 26, 2004

Yahoo! Groups : teachthefacts

Yahoo! Groups : teachthefacts

Why this list is here
The Montgomery County Public School District is implementing a new
health education policy that was proposed by a citizens advisory
committee and adopted unanimously by the school board.

Respect and tolerance
This discussion list supports the rights and liberties of individuals, and
respects the choices that people make in their lives

The school district is doing what it can to provide accurate
information to students. Certainly, these topics are controversial,
as various religious denominations have their teachings on the
subject and as parents seek to teach the best values to their
children. We think though that the best approach is to provide
students with facts that they can use in conjunction with the
values they learn at home and in their religious training

Stand up for what's right
We oppose those who are trying to intimidate the school board, who
insist that the curriculum reflect their specific beliefs about the
morality of particular behaviors.
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